Plagman Barn News 2017


  June, 2017


2017 Officers & Board members

President Larry Moser
Vice President Lynn Moser
Secretary Lee Bush
Treasurer Lavern Haas

Board Members
Lorna Moser
Andrea Meyer
Ken DeMarce
Ron Hyde
Jack Knospe
Ed Bolsinger
Marge Nefzger
Daniella Bockenstead

Sad News: On May 16th we lost our Plagman Barn Secretary

Lee Bush to a massive heart attack. Lee will be missed as he was a very dedicated member.

Membership/News Letter

Your 2017 Membership Dues are due in December. If you have not paid your 2017 dues by March, this will be your last “News Letter”. Dues are $10.00 per year or $100.00 Lifetime.
Mail to:
Lavern Hass
29837 348th St.
Garber, IA. 52048

Show Days buttons; The Barn has a full set of Show Days Buttons; Asking price is $165.00. If anyone is interested contact;

Lavern Haas

29837 348th St

Garber, IA. 52048

or 563-252-3191

They can be picked up during Show Days.


Mark your calendar:


Chicken Dinner and Dance:   June 11th

Craft& Vendor Show:            July 9th

Barn Dance:                           August 13th

Show Days:                           Sept. 16th,17th, & 18th


For more information on any of the below, e-mail


A note from Lorna Moser


We are busy at Plagman Barn. We are working on several projects. The urgent one is the “chicken house” for frying chicken. Our Insurance carrier will not allow us to fry chicken in the basement of the White Barn unless we have a hood and ansul system installed. We checked into putting this automatic fire extinguisher and hood over the fryers. It would cost $10,000.00, so we voted to put up a building next to the Barn. The men will be putting up the building the week of May 21st. The groceries and chicken have been ordered for the up-coming Chicken Dinner and Dance on June 11th. We need help cleaning the Barn and kitchen for this event. We have cleaning days scheduled for June 3rd and 10th. Please come if available, all help is appreciated. There is quite a bit to clean up since it has been left empty all winter. Please remember to bring 2 pies and we need help in the kitchen to serve, cut pies and clean up. The guys will be pouring cement as soon as the weather cooperates. They will be extending the cement from the Country Store to the new bathrooms. I am busy working on the July 9th Flea Market, Craft and Vendor Show. There are several vendors already signed up. Any one attending any Flea Markets, Craft or Vendor shows, please ask them if they would like to participate in our Show. Also take a flyer with you (flyers available at the Barn) so those attending will be informed that there will be a show at the Plagman Barn in July. We have our 1st wedding on July 1st, hopefully we will have hot running water in the new bathrooms. One on August 5th that we need volunteers to help with. The others are on September 2nd, October 2nd, and November 29th. The chair caddies are ordered, this will help with the set up and take down. We are looking for a PA system for the horse pull. The pull has been moved across the highway by the parking lot. This area is better suited for bad weather conditions and access for the horses and trailers.


Secretary’s Report

By Lee Bush


February 19, 2017


The February meeting was held at the Colesburg Country Club. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Lynn Moser at 9:50.


Old Business

Both the Men’s and Women’s Treasurer’s book was audited before the meeting. The Secretary’s report was given by Lee. Motion moved by Ken, seconded by Curtis to accept as read. Motion passed. Men’s Treasurer’s report was given by Lavern. Motion moved by Ken, seconded by Ed to approve. Motion passed. Andrea gave the Women’s Treasurer’s report. Motion moved by Fran, seconded by Lavern to approve, Motion passed. Lowell Moser gave a Cub Cadet riding lawn mower to the barn. Thank you Lowell. We may need volunteers to help mowing. We have located a Ford 8N for Show Days. Asking $750.00 for it. Motion moved by Devere, seconded by Ed to buy it. Motion passed. There was much discussion on how much money to give if the person winning the tractor wanted to take money instead of the tractor. Motion moved by Lonnie, seconded by Ed to table until the March meeting. There was discussion on maybe lowering the amount of money given. Motion passed. Motion moved by Ed, seconded by Paul to give Nancy Lacy a Lifetime Membership for donating a set of Barn Buttons. Motion passed. Motion moved by Devere, seconded by Ed to advertise in the next News Letter one full set of Barn Buttons for $165.00. Successful buyer can pick up during Show Days. Motion passed.


New Business


We need a committee to clean up after weddings. The Guttenberg Fire Department donated 9 tables to the barn. Motion moved by Fran, seconded by Lonnie to give the Guttenberg Fire Department $100.00. Motion passed. Fran moved a motion, seconded by Lee to give the following schools $25.00 for their Post Prom parties, Clayton Ride, Central Elkader, and Ed Co.  MFL-Mar-Mac will be given Plagman Barn cook books. Motion passed. Discussion was held on chair cart holder to move chairs after weddings. Discussion was also held about insurance coverage, fire extinguishers, and a hood/fire shut off devise/foam dispenser above chicken fryers. More discussion to be held at the March meeting. Motion moved by Fran, seconded by Barb to look into putting hot water in the new rest rooms. Motion passed. Ken will look into this and report back at a later date. Devere will pick up tractor form Ken and look into siding the School House. Motion moved by Lee, seconded by Ed to adjourn, Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


March 12, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Larry Moser at the Barn at 1:10 PM. The Secretary’s report was given by Lee, motion moved by Ed, seconded by Bob to approve as read. Motion carries, all ayes. The Treasurer’s report was given by Lavern. Motion moved by Ed, seconded Bob to approve, motion carried all ayes.


Old Business;

Discussion held on holding a tractor raffle this year. Question asked if we were making any money on the raffle. Figured we made about $300.00 last year and still have the tractor to sell. Fran moved a motion to take last year’s tractor to auction house. Motion died for lack of a second. Motion moved by Fran to raffle a Ford 8N this year, seconded by Ed. Motion carried all ayes. Motion moved by Fran, seconded by Ken to give winner of the raffle $500.00 if the winner decided to take cash instead of the tractor. Motion carries with one nay vote. The Barn owns another M Farmall to be sold. Motion moved by Fran, seconded by Bob to sell it. Motion carries, all ayes. Mark Behrend offered $800.00 for the Farmall M and said he would leave it at the barn for a few years for future Show Days use. Fran moved, Larry B. seconded a motion to sell Mark the tractor. Motion carried, all ayes. Next discussion was about the VAC Case tractor from last year’s raffle where the winner took the cash and not the tractor. Would like $850.00 or best offer. Motion moved by Mark, seconded by Ed to take the VAC Case to Joel’s Auction at Strawberry Point. Motion carried, all ayes.  Ken is still looking into a water heater for the new rest rooms. Our Insurance Company’s Insurance Inspector toured our property. He is requiring a hood, automatic gas shut off and fire extinguisher system to be install over the deep fryers in the basement of the White Barn. We are waiting for an estimate for the system and will be reported at the April meeting.


New Business

As we have several wedding planned at the Barn this year it was decided to have the Country Store open during them if the wedding party did not object. There was also discussion on what type of siding will be put on the school house. Being no more business a motion was moved by Bob, seconded by Larry B. to adjourn. Motion carried, meeting adjourned


April 9, 2017


President Larry Moser called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM with 20 members present in the Saloon. Secretary Lee Bush was absent, so Fran DeMarce volunteered to take the minutes. Lavern gave a partial Treasurer’s report, due to the fact he and Andrea have not been able to meet to combine the Women’s and Men’s bank accounts. Motion moved, seconded, and passed. Lynn Moser gave his report from the insurance company saying, we have to do some updates for frying chicken in the basement of the White Barn, which will be very expensive. A lengthy discussion followed, with several options. A majority said we need to continue the Sunday chicken dinner and during Show Days. We will make a decision during the May meeting. Larry told the members we have a dividend of $1310.00 from our Endowment Fund. Discussion was held if we should accept it or add it to the current Endowment Fund. Motion moved to accept and add it to our current treasury, seconded and passed. Larry received a letter from the Cresco Shopper, asking if we wanted to place an ad. We did not have one last year, motion moved to discontinue, seconded and passed. Bob had copies of the flyers for the Chicken Dinner on June 11th, Craft and Vender Show on July 9th, Barn Dance on August 13th and Show Days on September 15th, 16th and 17th. Discussion was held with needed corrections. Bob will order the same amount as last year. Lavern will order the raffle tickets for the Handmade Quilt (500), Kids Toy raffle

(500), and Tractor raffle (2500). He will also order 3500, 2017 gate buttons. Concrete improvements were discussed with a motion moved, seconded, and passed

to continue it. Ken DeMarce reported to the

member’s he found an electric, 2.5 gallon continuous, hot water heater for the new rest rooms. Motion



moved, seconded and passed to purchase it. Ken will install it. Larry B. told the members we need a new P.A. system for the horse pull. Lynn will check on this and report back at the May meeting. Lorna will check to see if we need to keep our land line telephone and report back.


May 7, 2017


The May meeting was called to order by President Larry at 1:03. The Secretary’s report was given by Lee, Paul moved, Ken seconded a motion to accept as read, all ayes. Lee moved, Ken seconded a motion to approved the Treasurer’s report given by Lavern, all ayes.


Old Business;

The new chicken frying building was discussed. It will be a stick built building, 16 X 24. Estimated cost for material is $6,000.00, total cost about $8,000.00. The next discussion was what design roof should be out on it. It was decided to leave that up to Larry, Lynn and Lorna, Next discussion was the “School House”. Estimate was siding, $2100.00 plus 7 new windows. Motion moved by Ken, seconded by Kevin to proceed with the repairs, all ayes. Discussion was also held on the Petty Zoo and new PA system for the horse pull. Ed presented a new “Ford” flag donated by Wetterlan Ford in Edgewood for use when we display Ford tractors.


New Business;

Discussion was held on someone needed to mow grass around the building. Ed said he would do it for $25.00 an hour furnishing his own mower, gas and oil. Motion moved by Ken, seconded by Kevin to hire Ed, all ayes. Motion moved by Lee, seconded by Lynn to adjourn, all ayes, meeting adjourned



Lavern Haas


November 2016

Check book balance November 1st.          $12,112.25

Income for November                                  1,560.00

Membership (1)                                                 10.00

Donations                                                      1,050.00

Clayton Co. Auditor                                         500.00


November Expenses

Kuemple Hwd (fire ext.)                          $       70.00

Bob Nefeger (lawn mowing)                         400.00

Kuemple Hwd (fire ext.’s)                                641.84




Kustom Plastics (signs)                                     64.04

Garber Fire Dept.                                              150.00

Garber EMS                                                      150.00

Osterdock Store (lunch)                                      45.02

Alpine Communications (telephone)                44.72

Alliant (electricity)                                             147.17


Total expense for November                        1,1713.25


Check book balance November 30th         $ 11,959.25


Steam Engine Fund (Interest $1.48)         $   5,617.56


December 2016


Check book balance, December 1,            $11,059.25


Income for December                                    4,240.00

Donations                                                       2,900.00

White Barn rent                                                 200.00

Membership (7)                                                   70.00

½ land rent (Ton Kraus)                                 1,000.00

Memorials                                                            70.00


December Expenses

Hackett’s Potra Potties                                  $1,650.00

Alpine Communications (telephone)                   44.72

Alliant (electricity)                                               65.81

Total expenses for December                          1,760.00

Check book balance December 31st             $14,438.72


Steam Engine Fund (Interest $1.53)           $   5,619.09



January 2017


Check book balance January 1.                   $14,438.72

Income for January                                              30.00

Memberships (3)                                                  30.00


December Expenses

Kuemple Hwd (mouse poison)                            16.79

Clayton Co. development Group (ad)                200.00

Heritage Printing  (News Letter)                         42.00

Alpine Communications (telephone)                  44.72

Alliant (electricity)                                              83.51

Total Expense for January                                 387.00

Check book balance January 31                 $ 14,081.72


Steam Engine Fund (Interest $1.53)          $    5,620.62


Women’s Treasurers Report


November 2016


Beginning balance                                      $17,111.71

Deposits                                                             150.00

Checks written                                                1,682.45


Ending balance                                            $15,579.76


December 2016


Beginning balance                                       $15,579.76

Checks written                                                   186.53

Ending balance                                            $15,393.23


January 2107


Beginning balance                                       $15,393.23

Checks written                                                     45.68


Ending balance                                            $15,347.55


February 2017


Check book balance February 1st               $14,081.72

Total Income for February                                190.00

Memorial for Kathy Borchering                         20.00

Donation, Russ Kickbush                                   40.00

13 Memberships                                                130.00


February Expenses


Larry Borcherding (Memorial)                            25.00

Bob Walke (stamps for 2 news letters)              112.00

Sherrmans Imp (Tractor Parts)                          761.04

Mrs. Clyde Jennings (Memorial)                        25.00

Alpine (Telephone)                                             44.65

Alliant (Electricity)                                             80.80

Total Expenses for February                          1,049.29

Check Book balance February 28th             $13,222.43


Steam Engine Fund  (Interest $1.38)           $ 5,622.00


March 2017


Check Book Balance March 1st                  $13,222.43



Total Income for March                                 1,767.50

2 Memberships                                                    20.00

3 wedding in White Barn                                  700.00

Joel’s Tractor Auction (Mower)                       247.50

Mark Behrend (M Tractor)                               800.00



Ken Burrows (Memorial for Betty)                     25.00

Fire and Safety Equip. (Fire Extinguishers)      185.00

Sherrmans Imp (Tractor Parts)                          360.77

Guttenberg Fire Dept (Donation for tables)      100.00

Ken DeMarce (Ford Tractor)                            750.00

Ron Hyde (Tractor Parts)                                    60.00

Theisens (2 Batteries)                                          99.80

Central Comm. Schools (Prom Donation)          25.00

Ed Co Schools (Prom Donation)                        25.00

Clayton Ridge Schools (Prom Donation)           25.00

Alpine (Telephone)                                             44.65

Alliant (Electricty)                                              75.39

Total Expense for March                                1,775.61

Check Book Balance March 31st               $13,214.32


Steam Engine Fund (Interest  $1.53)            $5,623.53


April 2017


Check Book Balance April 1st                  $13,214.32

Total Income for April                                    245.00

Sale of Cook Books                                          15.00

3 Memberships                                                 30.00

Horse Pull (Farmers Savings Bank)               200.00



Sears Station (Gas)                                           29.00

Tom Ziegler (3 Point Hitch)                           775.00

Alpine (Telephone)                                          44.65

Alliant (Electricity)                                           73.77

Total Expenses for April                                 922.42


Check Book balance April 30th                 $12,536.90


Stem Engine Fund (interest $1.38)           $  5,624.91



It was determined at a previous meeting to only Have one Treasurer and combine the Women’s and Men’s accounts.

Ladies Aux Deposit                                $25,741.55

Men’s                                                      $12,536.90

Total                                                        $38,278.45



The reason a dog has so many friends is he wags his tale instead of his tongue


What’s important is not so much where we stand as in the direction we are moving.


The difference between “involvement” and “commitment” is like ham and eggs for breakfast. The chicken was involved and the pig was committed



Meeting dates for 2017;

The February 19th Colesburg Country Club

(Breakfast at 8:00 – meeting following)

March 12th, 1:00, The Barn

April 9th, 1:00, the Barn

May 7th, 1:00, The Barn

June 11th, after chicken dinner

July, No Meeting

August 13th after barn dance

September 10th 1:00, The Barn

October 8th, 1:00, The Barn

November 12th, 1:00, The Barn

Show Days, September 15th, 16th, & 17th.




By Fran DeMarce

We will be serving breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning again in the Hamburger Stand during Show days. Come join us!! If anyone has any problems or concern, please contact Ken or me, we want everyone to enjoy their breakfast,


Longbrance Saloon

By Fran DeMarce, Coordinator

The Hole-In-The-Sock gang will be returning to entertain us again this year. Hopefully, “Mother Nature” will shine on us on Friday for the school kids to enjoy the gang’s antics.


The Sweet Shop

By Lynn M. Moser

The Sweet Shop was the brain child of Linda Aulwes and Becky Lake. They knew people liked saltwater Taffy( I believe in the beginning they were going to make the taffy by hand (Hence the large windows for people to watch) and wanted to try selling it.  Bill Niehaus was instrumental in getting the building up and running with material from Plagman Barn. Linda and Becky ran it for 3 years. Franny DeMarce approached me (at that time I was selling cotton candy in vendor row) and asked if I would like to move up to the sweet shop and sell cotton candy from there. I was amazed at how many more people attended Plagman Barn that I saw down in vendor row. The next year I added funnel cakes and homemade goodies. With the addition of funnel cakes I needed an electrical update as I kept blowing fuses. Ken DeMarce did a wonderful job of adding new outlets. The wonderful people (the Moser’s and the Handke’s from Caroline’s Kitchen) after updating their side of the building also added cedar boards and a wind barrier to my side of the building making it that much more comfortable and beautiful. THANKS ALL.  This past year 2016 with the removal of the caboose the Minger family moved into the sweet shop with me, bringing popcorn, caramel corn and candy bars. We all made the adjustment and I appreciated the extra help.  If you have a sweet tooth like I do or just need and ear to listen stop by…… we would love to see you.   Lynn M. Moser




By Fran DeMarce, Coordinator

Where has the year gone! I will be sending out letters to my vendors in June for their confirmation and payment that they will be returning this year. If anyone knows someone that would like to set up, have them contact me at (319-350-5929). Hopefully, I can find room for them.


If you have e-mail could you e-mail me your e-mail address? I would like to start sending the news letter electronically to you who have it, Send it to, behind the subject type Plagman Barn. That way we can save a lot of printing and postage expense.


Bob Walke



2017 Memberships Due Now!


Mail $10.00 membership to:

Lavern Haas

29837 348th St

Garber, Iowa 52048

Address label – the year after your name, is the year you are paid through.  Reflects dues received in 2016.  If the year behind your name on the mailing label is 2016 this will be your last news letter until you pay your 2017 dues.


2017 Calendar of Events

Chicken Dinner  June 11th

Craft/Vendor Meet  July 9th

Barn Dance  August 13th

Show Days  Sept  15th, 16th, &17th


Men’s Meeting Dates

February 19th Colesburg Country Club

(Breakfast at 8:00, meeting at 10:00)

March 12th, 1:00

April 9th, 1:00

May 7th  1:00

June 11th    After Chicken Dinner

July  (No meeting date set)

August 13th  After the Dance

October 8th  1:00

November 12th  1:00


Bands for 2017

June 11th  Chicken Dinner; Keepin It Country

August 13th  Barn Dance; Sounds of Nashville

Shows Days Bands 2017

September 15th, 16th, & 17th

September 15th  Dave Pogenglass, 10:00-2;00

September 16th  Keepin It Country, 12:30- 4:00

September 17th  Sounds of Nashville, 12:30- 4:00

Demonstration daily 10:00 – 4:00





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