Plagman September 2017 Newsletter

September, 2017

President Larry Moser
Vice President Lynn Moser
Secretary Fran De Marce
Treasurer Lavern Haas

Board Members

Lorna Moser
Andrea Meyer
Ken DeMarce
Ron Hyde
Jack Knospe
Ed Bolsinger
Marge Nefzger
Daniella Bockenstead

Membership/News Letter

Your 2017 Membership Dues are due in December. If you have not paid your 2017 dues by March, this will be your last “News Letter”. Dues are $10.00 per year or $100.00 Lifetime. Mail to:
Lavern Hass
29837 348th St.
Garber, IA. 52048

Show Days buttons; The Barn has a full set of Show Days Buttons; Asking price is $165.00. If anyone is interested contact;
Lavern Haas
29837 348th St
Garber, IA. 52048
or 563-252-3191
They can be picked up during Show Days.

Mark your calendar:

Show Days: Sept. 16th,17th, & 18th

For more information on any of the below, e-mail

President’s Message
By Larry Moser

A thank you to everyone that made the barn dance a big success. A thank you to all the people that helped cut the oats and pick up the bundles. The carpenters have the school house siding done, looks great. Show Days are coming fast, if you know of anyone with Ford tractor or Ford equipment to show ask them to bring them to the Show. Does anyone knows a person that would like to be a school teacher for the Show this year, have them call me. Lorna is working on the insurance problem, they said they made a mistake. So they say, we are covered because they made the mistake. Everyone pray for good weather for Show days. Hope you see everyone there .


Secretary’s Report
By Fran De Marce

June 2017

President Larry Moser called the meeting to order with 13
members present on June 11, 2017, at 4:30. Due to Lee Bush’s passing, President Larry appointed Fran De Marce to fill out his term as Secretary. Motion approved, seconded and passed. One correction, there will be NO petting zoo this year. Lavern read the Treasurer’s report. He reported that the “land line” (telephone) has been cancelled. Motion to approve, seconded and passed. Due to No petting zoo this year, Danielle will contact Sarah Eglseder about getting animals. Getting a new PA system for the horse pull was discussed and was tabled until the August meeting. Also tabled until August was the number of buttons given to displayers. Ed Bolsinger is no longer mowing. Kenny Klien is doing it. Bob Griffith (Print Shop) told the members about Guttenberg’s Printing Press replica. Lynn moved a motion to get the replica. Discussion followed. Bob will check on how possession is or if it will be on loan to the Barn from the City of Guttenberg. Motion seconded and passed. Bob will check with the City of Guttenberg and report to Larry and he will call the Officers. Meeting adjourned.

August 13th
By Fran De Marce

President Larry Moser called the meeting to order with 21 members present on August 13th at 5:00 PM. Fran read the Secretary’s report. Motion moved to approve, seconded and passed. Lavern read the Treasurer’s report, motion moved seconded and passed.
Old Business;
Larry reported he had talked with Bob Griffith regarding Guttenberg’s Printing Press replica. We will be getting the press on loan from the City of Guttenberg. We need to do a twelve foot extension on the present Print Shop to house the replica. Bob and Chris will be working on the building plans for this extension. It needs to be completed by 2018 for Show days.
New Business;
The school house has new windows installed and is being sided. The old windows will be at the Country Store for sale. Ed Bolsinger told the members his brother Joe is interested in buying the pipes from the old well for $100.00 (not metal). Discussion followed, motion moved, seconded and passed for $100.00. With the understanding that he has to remove them before Show Days. Larry will talk to Dunkle Salvage about removing the scrap metal pile before Show days. We need to discuss our wedding prices, will discuss after Show days. Lavern told the members about receiving a $19,000,00 premium bill from our non-profit insurance carrier. Lorna will check into this and report back at our next meeting. Bob Nefzger built a storage cabinet for cleaning supplies in the ladies’ bathroom. He also built a beautiful Purple
Martin bird house that he put on the grounds. Fran moved a motion, seconded and passed to pay Bob $100.00 for his supplies. Thank you for your hard work, Bob! Danielle had talked to Brooks about having some animals for the petting zoo. Port-a-Potty locations were discussed. Need an additional one in the Flea Market area. Anyone bringing tractor, for display during Show Days will be given 2 free buttons. Lynn Moser will check about getting a peddle tractor for the kiddie raffle and has the kiddie tractor pull scheduled for Saturday morning. Ken DeMarce donated a swing and four benches that he built. He will make a sign for the new chicken building. It will be named “Andy P’s Chicken Coop”. Meeting adjourned.


Treasurers’ Report
By Lavern Garms

May, 2017

Check book balance May 1st. $12,536.90

Income for May 27,821.55
Ladies Aux (Savings) 10,520.82 Ladies Aux (Checking) 15,220.73
Community Foundation (Interest) 1,310.00
Clyde Jennings Memorial 100.00
Sale of VAC tractor 630.00
Memberships (4) 40.00

Herritage Printing, ticket/news letter 336.96
Lee Bush Memorial 25.00
Alpine Communications (telephone) 44.72
Alliant Energy (electricity) 80.53
Total Expense for May 487.21
Check Book balance May 31st $39,871.24

Steam Engine fund (Inst $1.63) $5,626.24

June 2017

Checkbook balance June 1st $39,871.24
Income for June 4,279.25
Change returned for Chicken dinner 1,570.00
Income, chicken dinner 1,229.50
½ land rent 1,000.00
Membership (3) 30.00
Life Membership (1) 100.00
Chicken dinner dance 132.00|
Tractor Raffle tickets sold 90.00
Country Store 121.75
Donations to Country Store (New Well) 4.00
Donation to Country Store (End. Fund) 2.00

Meuser Lumber Co. (Chicken Building) 3,724.62
Schuster & Mick (Income Tax prep) 175.00
Change for Chicken dinner 1,920.00
Alex Ball (Labor Chicken Bidg.) 987.50
Randy McCoy (Labor Chicken Bldg) 875.00
Kenny Mueller Labor Chicken Bldg) 237.00
Lynn Moser (Chicken Bldg) 500.00
Fran DeMarce (Trailer for flea market) 94.51
Larry Moser (pop) 1,156.14
Larry Moser (Weed killer) 47.06
Northern Lights (food) 776.73
Benders Food 100.77
Sears Station (gas) 173.10
John Fay Memorial 25.00
Anchor Inn (Meals) 70.00
Alpine Comm. (Telephone) 44.72
Alliant (Electricity) 94.04
Total Expense for June $11,001.69
Check Book Balance June 30th $33,148.80

Steam Engine Fund (Interest $1.48) $5,628.02

Meeting dates for 2017;
September 10th 1:00, The Barn
October 8th, 1:00, The Barn
November 12th, 1:00, The Barn
Show Days, September 15th, 16th, & 17th.

By Fran DeMarce

Longbrance Saloon
By Fran DeMarce, Coordinator
The Hole-In-The-Sock gang will be returning to entertain us again this year. Hopefully, “Mother Nature” will shine on us on Friday for the school kids to enjoy the gang’s antics. Reflects dues received in 2016. If the year behind your name on this mailing label is 2016 this will be your last news letter until you pay your 2017 dues.
2017 Calendar of Events

Show Days Sept 15th, 16th, &17th
Men’s Meeting Dates
October 8th 1:00

Bands for 2017

Shows Days Bands 2017
September 15th, 16th, & 17th
September 15th Dave Pogenglass, 10:00-2;00
September 16th Keepin It Country, 12:30- 4:00
September 17th Sounds of Nashville, 12:30- 4:00
Demonstration daily 10:00 – 4:00




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